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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

vaanga vaanga epdi irukeenga...just came back after the 3 day relaxation, Last monday in May is observed as memorial day for the people who lost their lives in war(US langa)..so anga anga motorcycle rally irukum(rally na race mari nu nenaichukaatheenga its just a parade)...especially Washington DC la 250,000 to 300,000 bikers assemble aavanga thru out US la irundhu, so indha time kandippa namma Mayil Vaaganatha eduthitu andha rally la participate pannumnu plan pannirundhen, aana sogam wife pregnant (sogam wife pregnant ku illa rally ku poga mudiyalanu) and we are expcting baby anytime from now, rally ku pona atleast 7 hours aagum mudichitu vara, so I backed up , mela irukum photo 2005 rally la eduthathu

Sari rally ku thaan poga mudiyala nu varuthapattutu irukum pothu ennoda friend oruthar sonnaar naan oru riding club la iruken inga irundhu oru 300 bikers assemble aagi povem nee summa saturday evening vaa naama ellam oru small ride(50 miles) poitu varuvomnu, anga pona apaauram thaan therinjathu anga vandha bikes oda size and power(all above 1000 cc) ku munnadi namma Mayil Vaaganam(600 cc) kosu nu,sarinu avanga kooda oru ride poitu konjam photos eduthitu(athuku thaan naan ponathey) vandhen, athil konjam inga paarunga....

Keela irukkum 2 fotos la Naanum enathu Mayil Vaaganamum

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spelling Mistake

Thitaatheenga, naanum padichu iruken romba varusathuku munnadi, but again came as forwarded email

We cdnuolt blveiee taht we cluod aulaclty undresatnd waht we were readnig.
The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Amzanig huh? yaeh and we awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Nallavar VS Vallavar

Previous posts ku comment eluthiya annaithu makkalukum NANDRI, Appuram ennoda Tamilnadu Election Results post la konjam edit panniten, Here it is

Oru vazhiya elections mudinju Tamilnadu NALLAVAR!!! kaila irundhu VALLAVAR!!! kaiku poyachu

Yenna pinnadi namma katchi thani majority varaama onnu rendu seat ku vera yaar kitta yaavathu alliance veika vendiya nilamai vandha indha ethir katchikal ellam indha post ah poster la pottu oor mulukka ottiruvaanga....(ninaipu thaan)

Sathiyama indha
KS and Ammu miratalkaluku ellam bayandhu illanga

dupuks post padichu office la naana sirichu as usual paithiyakaara pattam vaangiyaachu

Appuram Friday night oru surprise party ku poirundhen...this time CP yaarnu ketkareengala (CP na yennane theriyathavangaluku Surprise post padicheengana therium)....naan thaan athu...I will write about it in couple of days waiting for the fotos.....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Formula 1 Facts

Guys....konjam busy didn't have time to sit and type...so copy paste from my old email.....

Namma Narain Karthikeyan irukara F1 la ennalaam irukunnu padinga if you are interested...

Here are some interesting facts about Formula 1

01. An F1 car is made up of 80,000 components, if it were assembled 99.9% correctly, it would still start the race with 80 things wrong!

02. Formula 1 cars have over a kilometre of cable, linked to about 100 sensors and actuators which monitor and control many parts of the car.

03. An F1 car can go from 0 to 160 kph AND back to 0 in FOUR seconds !!!!!!!

04. F1 car engines last only for about 2 races mostly before blowing up on the other hand we expect our engines to last us for a decent 20yrs on an average and they quite faithfully DO....thats the extent to which the engines r pushed to perform...

05. When an F1 driver hits the brakes on his car he experiences retardation or deceleration comparable to a regular car driving through a BRICK wall at 300kmph !!!

06. An average F1 driver looses about 4kgs of weight after just one race due to the prolonged exposure to high G forces and temperatures for little over an hour (Yeah thats right!!!)

07. At 550kg a F1 car is less than half the weight of a Mini.

08. In an F1 car the engine typically revs upto 18000 rpm,(the piston travelling up and down 300 times a second!!) wheres cars like the palio, maruti 800,indica rev only upto 6000 rpm at max. Thats 3 times slower.

09. The brake discs in an F1 car have an operating temperature of approx 1000 degees Centigrade and they attain that temp while braking before almost every turn...that is why they r not made of steel but of carbon fibre which is much more harder and resistant to wear and tear and most of all has a higher melting point.

10. If a water hose were to blow off, the complete cooling system would empty in just over a second.

11. Gear cogs or ratios are used only for one race, and are replaced regularly to prevent failure, as they are subjected to very high degrees of stress.

12. The fit in the cockpit is so tight that the steering wheel must be removed for the driver to get in or out of the car. A small latch behind the wheel releases it from the column. Levers or paddles for changing gear are located on the back of the wheel. So no gearstick! The clutch levers are also on the steering wheel, located below the gear paddles.

13. To give you an idea of just how important aerodynamic design and added downforce can be, small planes can take off at slower speeds than F1 cars travel on the track.

14. Without aerodynamic downforce, high-performance racing cars have sufficient power to produce wheel spin and loss of control at 160 kph.
They usually race at over 300 kph.

15. The amount of aerodynamic downforce produced by the front and rear wings and the car underbody is amazing. Once the car is travelling over 160 kph, an F1 car can generate enough downforce to equal it's own weight. That means it could actually hold itself to the CEILING of a tunnel and drive UPSIDE down!

16. In a street course race like the monaco grand prix, the downforce provides enough suction to lift manhole covers. Before the race all of the manhole covers on the streets have to be welded down to prevent this from happening!

17. The refuelers used in F1 can supply 12 litres of fuel per second.
This means it would take just 4 seconds to fill the tank of an average 50 litre family car.They use the same refueling rigs used on US military helicopters today.

18. TOP F1 pit crews can refuel and change tyres in around 3 seconds.

19. Race car tyres don't have air in them like normal car tyres. Most racing tyres have nitrogen in the tyres because nitrogen has a more consistent pressure compared to normal air. Air typically contains varying amounts of water vapour in it, which affects its expansion and contraction as a function of temperature, making the tyre pressure unpredictable.

20. During the race the tyres lose weight! Each tyre loses about 0.5 kg in weight due to wear.

21. Normal tyres last 60 000 - 100 000 km. Racing tyres are designed to last 90 - 120 km (That's Khandala and back).

22. A dry-weather F1 tyre reaches peak operating performance (best
grip) when tread temperature is between 900C and 1200C.(Water boils boils at 100C remember) At top speed, F1 tyres rotate 50 times a second.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Tamilnadu Election Results

  1. One of my friend sent it to me, It was too hilarious so thought of sharing it here....

    Oru vazhiya elections mudinju Tamilnadu NALLAVAR!!! kaila irundhu VALLAVAR!!! kaiku poyaachu, Ivalo naala Sasikala family ini Maran family....

    Thappu nadantha thatti ketpennu Vijayakanth solli irukaar paarpom

    Indha politicians thirudave maatangala, makkaluku eppovavathu nallathu seivomnu osika maataangala....

    Athunaalana thaan naan decide paniten next election la contest panni, CM aagi indha maathiri politicians ah ellam ulla thooki podalaamnu...

    Therthal Vaakurithikal

    1.Anaivarukum cell phone with ISD facility
    2.Cycle owners ku ellam Maruthi 800
    3.24 hours Tamil serial special channel (with servant facility so that they don't need to worry about cooking, these servants will be imported from china)
    4.Free Annadhanam with Chicken 65 and Mutton Biriyani in Non-Veg temples like muniappasamy temple everyday
    5.Govt Employees will get 100% raise and 50% bonus and 6 months paid vacation per annum
    6.Anaithu oorkalilum Thanga Vettai potti nadathi easy questions kettu every family kum 250Gms Gold kidaikum padi yerpaadu seivom
    7.Anaithu girampurangalilum Kaun Baneka carore pathi potti nadathi question and answer munndaiye kuduthu anaithu giramapura kudumbangayum koteeswarargal aakuvom
    8.Chennai vaazh makkal siramathai kuraika PTC bus kal aanaithu Air condition seiyapadum tickets are free, irandaavathu kattamaaga anaithu arasu perundhukalum AC seiyapadum
    9.Thanneer panjathai theerka anaithu veedukalukum Bisleri water Arasu selavil kidaika yerpaadu seiyapadum
    10.Govt wine shop kaluku neengal poga vendam saraku ungal veedu thedi varum
    11.Kolar thanga surangathai Tamizhagathuku maathuvom
    12.Niagara Neer veelchiyayai Cauvery udan Inaipom
    13.Computers engineers ku American Visa veedu thedi vara veipom

    Innum makkaluku ethvathu seiyalaamnu thonina sollunga athayum serthukalaam.

    Evalo naal thaan enga family ipdiye irukarathu, enga familyum munnera vendaama

    Katchi per ithu thaan SKMK (Syam kudumba munnetra kazhagam)

    Ippove ministry ellam decide panni atchu

    Syam - CM,Home Ministry, Police (My dad is no more so am getting lion share)
    My Little Bro - Transport & PWD (Ithula thaan sema kaasu)
    Mom - Tourism and Development
    Cousin 1 - Finance Minister
    Cousin 2 - Forest Department
    Friend 1 - Mining Department
    Friend 2 - Industries Minister

    Innum niraya ministries kaaliya iruku so ungalukum oru chance kidakalaam....Lets get ready for 2011

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome To.....

I always think of one thing, when ever a flight touches down the flight attendant or captain (so called) will make this announcement "Wecome to Washington D.C or (which ever the place they land), appo ellam naan nenaipen ada paavaingala neengalum enga kooda thaan vandheenga, ennamo enga varugaikaaga 2 naal maalai oda kaathu irundhu vandha undaney welcome solramathiri solreengaleenu....

Las Vegas poganumnu plan panni friends ellam LV airport la vandhu get togther aaganumnu plan, Ellorum night around 11pm ku LV airport ku vara plan, Naan Washington la kilambum pothu inga sema kulir 3C, so nalla jacket ellam pottu full ah dress up pannitu LV poi irangina anga 35C ellorum shorts la suthitu irundhaanga, appuram enna vazhakam pola makkal yenna oru mathiri paarka, namaku thaan ithu ellam saathaaranam.....