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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Need Help....

Looking forward for helping hands for Mr.Narendra Muktipudi and his family for his survival, he is our colleague.
Mr.Narendra Muktipudi who is 31years old,married and having a one and half year old daughter, he had a major Brain Stem Stroke on August 28 2006 due to Hypertension.
He was immediately airlifted to Georgetown Washington Hospital in Washington DC where he was kept in I.C.U for 3 weeks.He went into COMA and was kept on life support,the doctors at the hospital gave up and told the family to take him to some nursing home.
He was sent out to Speciality Hospital Of Washington in Washington DC, which is a long term nursing care center.He is been there from more than 3 months and was kept on life support ,and to make things even worse his insurance company stopped covering his payments now.
As he is not eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, the nursing center asked the family to take him home with the equipment which is a risky task for the family because he is still on life support .
Though he is not breathing on his own he is showing significant improvements day by day and needs uninterrupted medical supervision for his complete recovery.
Mrs.Amita his wife has decided to face this hard situation and is doing everything she can to bring him back.I request everyone to come forward and take part in helping him and his family for giving them a new life and future they always dreamt of.
Every contribution made for this will be used for meeting his medical expences.Please spread this to everyone you know and make contributions to
Amita P. Yundurti.
Address: 21772 Brondesbury Park Ter
Sterling , VA , 20166
Any concerns and questions please contact naren.amita@yahoo.com
Any new suggestions and ways in helping them would be greatly appreciated.Lets us all come forward and take part in saving a life and a family....Little drops make a great Ocean

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